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Wedding Martini Glass

It is due to the popularity in movies and the increasing number of celebrities flaunting the cocktail that the wedding martini glass has become so symbolic of the finest things in life. These glasses enable you to keep the drink chilled well and the stem allows you to hold the glass conveniently. The huge bowl and elongated stem helps in retaining the taste of the drink for as long as you keep sipping on it. This martini glass, in its traditional form, looked different from the way it looks today. Collectors of martini glasses add such antique glasses flaunted at weddings, to their already existing collectibles.

Wedding martini glass options are available in a number of shapes and designs compared to the ones that made the rounds way back in the Prohibition Era. These days, the glasses designed for weddings are made to look very interesting and some are also LED battery outfitted, which makes them produce a luminescent glow! A giant wedding martini glass is also available, huge enough for the indulgent to take a long time to finish the drink. In many wedding venues across the globe, other soft drinks are also served in these glasses.

A wedding martini glass can also be designed to serve as an interesting centerpiece. The glasses look very impressive and whatever is served in them also looks very appealing and inviting- juice, other cocktails...anything. Virtually any kind of drink can be served in this glass. If you are creative enough any kind of wedding theme can be complimented by the glass, which is used as a centerpiece to attract the attention of the guests. They match any occasion or party. To make them more multi functional, besides serving the martini in them, you could add floating flowers, candles, floral foam, beads, glass gems, potpourri, colored stones, votive candles, etc.

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