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Unique Martini Glasses

Martini is a much cherished drink around the world. It is perhaps also the oldest cocktail in the world. First concocted over a century ago, the cocktail has survived many changes in the world's drinking habits. It has done so by constantly evolving to make sure that every taste and preference is catered to. What began as a simple concoction of 3-4 ingredients has now spawned thousands of different recipes across the world. This way, martini has been able to attract followers, decade after decade, and once a person is hooked to martini, little else will satisfy him than a perfectly mixed martini.

Martini lends itself to be personalized by anyone who understands the basics of mixing a martini. People around the world are crazy about this aspect of the drink. And, just as they want to be able to mix that perfect blend that is unique to them, people also want martini glasses to be unique to complete the picture of a perfect martini. And, just as martini has evolved over the ages, so have martini glasses. Today many unique varieties of martini glasses are available and here are but some of them.

Stemless Martini Glasses

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways of adding a dash of personality to a martini bar. Replace the regular long stemmed martini glasses with the bolder stemless version. Not only are they a lot easier to maintain, they create an absolutely unique impression on your guests. These stemless glasses are available in different designs, patters, shapes and sizes. You can also get them in glass as well as metal amongst some other exotic materials.

Etched Martini Glasses

This is a great way of personalizing your martini glasses. Get your name, monogram, anniversary date, or even your favorite quote eteched on your martini glasses to make them truly unique. You can choose between the elegant hand engraved option and the spunky sand blasted version. While the hand engraved version is very classy and sophisticated, the sandblasting option is more fun and allows even for designs and logos to be etched on to your martini glass.

Light up Martini Glasses

These martini glasses are extremely popular amongst the younger followers of the cherished cocktail. These martini glasses are amongst the latest trends to hit martini lovers around the world. Especially suited to dim lighting that is common in clubs and discos, these light up martini glasses have become a rage. Choose between single colored, multi-colored and flashing lights options.

Metal Martini Glasses

Metal martini glasses are a fairly new invention and can make your bar look modernistic as well as unique. While stainless steel is the most common metal used in making martini glasses, you can also get many unique options like gold plated martini glasses. Metal martini glasses are available in many different sizes, shapes and varieties including stemless metal martini glasses.

Opaque Martini Glasses

While the trend so far has been to capitalize on the sparkling colors of the cocktail itself, opaque martini glasses are making a splash in the market. They have great colors and finish and will go a long way in making your bar look unique.

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