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Stemless Martini Glasses

Martini is the world's favorite cocktail. And, there are now many innovative ways available to serve this favored cocktail. Stemless martini glasses have been in vogue for a while now. These provide a refreshing change to the barware that is usually used in serving this invigorating cocktail. You can choose between a large variety of stemless martini glasses. No matter what your personal tasted and preferences are, you are sure to find a stemless martini glass that will look perfect in your bar:

Regular Stemless Martini Glasses

Just imagine a regular glass martini glass without its stem and base and you get a Stemless Martini Glass. The base of the cone will be slightly wider so that you can balance your stemless martini glass on a surface. These stemless martini glasses are sure to add elegance to your bar.

Large Stemless Martini Glasses

For martini lovers who like their drinks large to save them the trouble of refilling over and over again, you have the large stemless martini glasses that can carry more than 10-12 ounces of the cocktail. If you are considering an intimate evening with friends, these stemless martini glasses may be the perfect choice.

Mini Stemless Martini Glasses

There are some of us who like to indulge in a few invigorating sips of our favorite cocktail once in a while. For occasions such as these miniature stemless martini glasses are ideal. They can carry up to a couple of ounces of martini and there is no doubt that they look extremely cute and delectable.

Crystal Stemless Martini Glasses

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bar and impress your guests as you serve them their refreshing cocktail in fancy crystal stemless martini glasses. These stemless martini glasses are likely to require more care and they will be more expensive than regular stemless martini glasses, but if you want to make a bold statement, these are the right martini glasses for you.

Opaque Stemless Martini Glasses

The trend of using opaque martini glasses is on the rise and the stemless variety of martini glasses is keeping up with the trend. You can now get a variety of opaque stemless martini glasses in many different colors. They have a great finish and if you are a person who has modernistic tastes, you are sure to love these stemless martini glasses.

Hand Painted Stemless Martini Glasses

If you are on the lookout for absolutely unique stemless martini glasses, go for the hand painted variety. You get a plethora of hand painted designs, the most popular of which are multi-colored polka dots. These multi-colored hand-painted stemless martini glasses can add a splash of color to your bar as well as provide a visual treat once the martini has been poured into them.

Customized Stemless Martini Glasses

If none of the above options suit your tastes, you always have the options of getting custom designed stemless martini glasses. You could get a name, a logo, a quote, etc. engraved on it.

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