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Stemless Martini Glass

Martini is a cocktail that is known for its ability to refresh the drinker. But, its taste and flavor are not the only refreshing aspects of the beloved cocktail. Martini is a cocktail that has continually refreshed itself over the last century. It has adapted itself to suit the personal taste of drinkers around the world. It has evolved from a simple recipe of 3-4 ingredients to thousands of different recipes that include many different mixes, blends and flavors. There is no other drink in the world that is as versatile as the martini.

Just as martini has continually refreshed itself, so has martini barware. Considering the large number of martini drinkers around the world, there are sure to be differences in their choice of the perfect martini barware. No wonder then, that hundreds of different types of martini glasses are currently available in the market. They are designed to perfectly suit different requirements of different drinkers in different parts of the world. So, no matter where you come from and what your personal preference is, you are sure to find a martini barware set that suits your style perfectly.

One of the most popular variations of the classic martini glass is the stemless martini glass. One of the most common damage caused to the martini glass is to the stem. It is so delicate and fragile that even the slightest mishandling can shatter it. With increasing innovation, the shape and structure of the stem also has many variations, but it is extremely difficult to make it sturdier. Also martini glasses with stems need extra care. They cannot be washed in the dishware and have to washed separately. They also have to be stored with care. In case, you have large or giant martini glasses, you may even need to create a special storage space for them in your bar to keep them safe.

If you would like to enjoy your martini without having to worry about the care required to manage martini barware, stemless martini glasses are the right choice for you. They eliminate the problem of the fragile stem and save you lots of money that you would otherwise have used in replacing your martini glasses. Also, they are just as easy to manage as your regular glass tumbler and do not require extra careful handling. They also can be stored a lot more easily than martini glasses with stems and do not require a separate space in your bar.

Also, you have a very wide choice even in stemless martini glasses. Depending on your preference, you can buy stemless martini glasses in different sizes starting with miniature glasses going all the way to giant stemless martini glasses. You can also get stemless martini glasses in a plethora of different materials. Choose between glass, crystal, metal, plastic and acrylic stemless martini glasses among many other choices. You can also get hand painted and hand engraved stemless martini glasses and you can customize them with text, dates, logos and other designs and patterns.

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