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Rhinestone Martini Glasses

Martinis could be served in a range of special martini glasses but if you are considering rhinestone martini glasses then there is nothing that can beat the show of versatility - in concoction and service! Above a flat base, a bowl in the shape of a cone makes this one a classic. Its long stem enables you to hold the martini glass securely. All martinis have an aromatic element attached and are always served chilled. Temperature of the drink in the rhinestone glass remains the same, as body heat is prevented from reaching the drink due to its long stem. And when the feature comes in rhinestone, you sip pure bliss. Aroma of the drink has the desired effect in rhinestone glasses.

Rhinestone martini glasses can contain a good amount of the concoction and a great show of flair and versatility at parties and celebrations. If you are on the look out for larger glasses you can also purchase the XL rhinestone martini glasses which hold more of the elixir. These glasses too have become increasingly popular at bar around the world. Spending a great time with your friends and sipping your favorite drink in these martini glasses is a taste of heaven. Enjoy a relaxing time with those you love, with martinis served in these exotic glasses.

No other glass can beat the rhinestone martini glasses. They add to the ambience, theme or scene you want to create. Due to their V shaped designs, long stems and attractive bowls they appear distinct from the rest in the range. All you need to do is serve the ‘dirty' or chocolate martini with excellent garnishes like olives, pomegranate, mint leaves, slice of lemon etc. in these beauties and relish the accolades. They help in enhancing the presentation of the drink and adding to your bartending joys!

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