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Old Fashioned Glass

The jigger was the first shot glass that was used in the early 19th century. It was primarily used to measure the amount of liquor being given to the road diggers at that time. These glasses where then renamed shot glasses as they accounted for only a small amount of liquor in their depressions. The Italians made use of these types of glass since a very long time and since then they have been used to hold high spirits with elegance.

Whiskey tumblers were used by one and all during the olden times to promote their newly started business ventures and bars. These whiskey tumblers were also known as rock glasses or the more common old fashioned glass. There are many variations in the size of these exquisite rock glasses or lowball glasses so as to cater to the drinking fraternity. Different sizes of these old fashioned glass sets are used to hold various spirits depending on the occasion at hand.

When it comes to old fashioned glass tumblers there are a lot of ways in which these can be put to use. You can make use of these glasses as traditional decorative items or you can also use them as gift items. Personalized glasses and monogrammed old fashioned glass sets are available at leading glass ware stores. You can even use the internet to look out for varied themed glass designs that are available in colors rang9ng from pink to green to amethyst.

Ornate and crystal cut glasses are also available at these stores. You can also buy exquisite stained glass sets at reasonable prices through the online stores. However you should decide what you rally want before you order for an old fashioned glass set as you might not be able to cancel the order if you do not like it later.

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