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Miniature Martini Glasses

Miniature martini glasses are doing rounds of the market as they can be used for a variety of purposes and events. These glasses hold a minimum amount of solutions in the, and thus they can be used for tasting session and for holding a variety of liquors and bitters. These glasses are also a saving grace when it comes to the occasion of gifting another for a specific event. Gifting these glasses enables you to go two ways as you will be able to gift your friends and acquaintances an article that can be used as well as set up as a decorative item.

There are a host of various ideas that can be made up to work in tandem with these miniature martini glasses. You can use these glasses for your girl's night out or for delectable tasting sessions with your close friends. You can make use of these glasses as centerpieces at promotional events where in you can engrave and emboss your company logo or business logo on the outer surface. These glasses can also be used at a buffet event to hold mini salads and sorbets as also desert items. You can also make use of these lovely glasses to hold sauces and other mixtures that are needed to enhance your dining experience.

Personalizing these miniature martini glasses is also possible as you can color them and add to them your very on personal logos and motifs along with saying and quotes that are familiar to your group of friends. Personalizing these miniature martini glasses will enable you to gift them or for that matter collect sets of uniquely designed glasses all for yourself. You can also use these glasses as decorative items for the room by attaching lovely led lights into the bowl of the glass for a short period before they are removed and used for the party menu.

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