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Martini Glassware

When pondering upon the existence of martini glassware, you can understand that martini glasses came into being only after martini was launched in the market. Before that, these glasses were simply known as cocktail glasses. So, is there any difference between cocktail glasses and martini ones? Seriously there is. Martini glassware can be referred to as a form of cocktail glass. Martini sets are a particular form of glasses wherein a cone with an expansive flat bowl rests on a long stemmed base. Now, why martini? Why aren't these glasses named after some other beverages.

The answer is simple. If you ask any martini lover, the simple reason is that the wide brim of martini glassware is best in bringing out the flavor of martini, as well as, the fact that the olive topping looks great in these glasses. If you are wondering whether these glasses are only used for serving martini, then you need to give them a second thought. Although previously martini glasses were only meant for serving cocktails, mostly martini, nowadays the painted ones work wonderfully well as scented candle stands, or as dessert bowls. Often these glasses are also gifted as party favors, and you can bet that guests will love it.

Martini glassware is in great demand at present, and can be available at high-end shops alongside regular glassware shops. Now, for convenience and affordability, martini plastic glasses have also hit the market and been received with appreciation, especially, in pubs and bars. However, for any party and family get-together, martini glass sets are well suggested unless you're calling a large number of guests. A range of glasses ranging from hand painted ones, to imprinted sets, those with silk-screen effects are gaining popularity in many homes. You can always surprise your friends with self painted martini sets where you just need to have simple knowledge about glass painting and designing.

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