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Martini Cocktail Glasses

Parties and get-togethers are fun, apart from being a great way to spend time with your kith and kin, or with friends. But before arranging any such event, you may always wonder about the idea of party favors to gift your guests. Generally, party favors are expected to be sleek and classy things which are considered as a token of thanks to your guests for attending the party. However, finding an innovative gift every time can in fact be very tedious. So, you can try something distinctive with martini cocktail glasses. These glasses are awesome in respect of looks, availability, and affordability.

Martini cocktail glasses are chic and can very well bring a vibrant elegance to any event. Martini glasses are basically stemmed glasses with an extensive cone shaped bowl on top. Not only as party favors, martini cocktail glasses can also be utilized for serving drinks, and beverages at any occasion. As per party lovers, popular drinks which look excellent when served in these glass sets are gin martini, vodka martini or mojito. Martini glasses are available in bent, curved or straight stems with availability of the top bowls in various capacities. The new models of martini glasses hitting the market are the giant martini glasses, which can draw attention from any martini lover.

Generally, capacity of a normal martini glass is around 4.5 fl oz, whereas that of a giant martini glass ranges from 9 to 12 fl oz. As party favors, it's always suggested to gift things which guests can use and keep for a long time. Martini cocktails glasses are something which will remind your friends of you whenever they use them. You need to keep in mind that cocktail glasses can be a good choice for adult parties but definitely not for some children parties such as birthdays, or fancy dress events for juniors.

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