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Libbey Martini Glasses

Libbey martini glasses with their distinctive style of stems are very attractive, and also give a very stylish look. They look unique, and are very affordable. Easy wash (even warm soapy water does the trick), durability, and the light weight of these glasses make them an easy favorite for the party crowd. This kind of glassware also serves as a classy wedding, or party gift. Such glasses offer an easy grip while you socialize, besides being spill proof. The attractive contour, curve and a wide base boasts of an easy high society feeling.

These gorgeous martini glasses have an added attribute wherein you can custom-print your own artwork, or any text for a very festive approach. Martini glasses are available for all sorts of occasions. Libby martini glasses can be used to set an ambience at any occasion, be it a wedding, meeting, or a house party. For all the people who love a very stylish, high-class party look, this range of martini glasses is something which will suit your taste. Be prepared to accept a lot of praise, and compliments just by displaying these beauties. The best part being, they look good not only when they serve, but also when displayed in a showcase. Nothing makes a martini look prettier like these glasses do.

Libbey martini glasses are easy to spot because of their bold and easy design. This makes them very definitive, and adds to their uniqueness. Not everyone is keen about deviating from the traditional long stem, but for those who want a change, you can find the Z stem glass, or the Olympian design. The Citation design is popular too. One can even take a look at Embassy martini glass designs by Libbey. When looking at Libbey martini glasses, you may notice that the cocktail glasses are much too similar, and the only noticeable difference appears in the size of the bowl.

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