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Large Martini Glasses

You will find martini lovers no matter where you go in the world. You will find that martini in its many flavors, blends and mixes is a favored cocktail the world over. You may be surprised to find that martini was invented over a century ago. Its origins are murky and there are many possible inventors of this drink. But, even though we do not know where the drink originated, we do know that is has been widely popular ever since.

There are many martini lovers around the world who love their drink just right. And, then there are martini lovers who like only particular mixes of martini. Imagine you are throwing a cocktail party with a handful of guests. Every guest prefers a different mix of martini. Every time a guest finishes his drink, you will need to shake him a fresh martini in a mix of his or her choice. And given the number of guests at your party, you are unlikely to out from behind the bar. So, what do you do to avoid spending your whole evening mixing different martinis all evening? Why, get yourself large martini glasses! You can now get martini glasses that can hold over 10 ounces of the cocktail in it. When you have mixed such a large martini, you can be sure you won't have to mix too many of them in the course of the evening.

Large martini glasses are available in many different sizes. You can get large martini glasses that can hold anything between 10 ounces and 16 ounces of your drink. Large martini glasses are also available in a very large variety. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, you can choose among different styles of large martini glasses. Listed below are few of them:

Stainless Steel Large Martini Glasses: Stainless steel martini glasses are the latest trend in martini glasses, and even the large variety of the glass is available in stainless steel. You need not worry about breakages or extremely careful handling any more.

Stemless Large Martini Glasses: Stemless Large martini glasses are also very popular today. They not only make a bold statement, they also help you save money that would have otherwise been spent on replacing martini glasses with broken stems.

Hand Painted Large Martini Glasses: You can get a plethora of eye catching designs in attractive hand painted on your large martini glasses. They are not only highly stylish, they also add a dash of bright colors to your bar.

Multicolored Large Martini Glasses: Now you can get large martini glasses in a variety of colors. You can even get different color combinations for the cone, stem and the base of the martini glass. You could even get a set of large martini glasses, all in different colors.

Engraved Large Martini Glasses: You can get designs, patterns, names, dates, quotes, logos, emblems, etc. engraved on your large martini glasses to ensure that your favorite drink also reflects your personality.

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