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Dirty Martini Glass

Martini glasses are available in different style and designs. There are designs and styles to match and cater to every occasion. Added to the wide range of martini glasses available are dirty martini glass sets. These lovely glasses can either be bought at stores or you can design them yourself.

Old martini glasses that have gone out of tradition can be used for creating scintillating martini designs and art. You need basic necessities like acrylic paints, a brush and set of glasses, which can be used for decorating. Colors range from green to yellow and red. Since we're attempting to create a range of exquisite dirty martini glass sets we'll stick to green and yellow. Using these colors, you can attempt to create olives and other design aspects responsible for a dirty martini effect.

Using a thin brush will enable you to create abstract lines and designs, which bring about the true essence of a dirty martini. There are many useful sites from where you can get designs and art ideas to design your own range of glasses. The type of glasses used for designing have an impact on designs created by you. In case, you are using clear glasses, you will not need to make use of dark shades, however, if you are using frosted or colored glass, dark shades need to be used.

Designs like sprinkling of olives and bubbles of brine are good to incorporate on a dirty martini glass. You can also choose to add a personal touch your dirty martini glass by printing a quote or an interesting punch line. If you do not have used and old glasses at your place, you can browse for such pieces at local thrift shops. Yard sales are also a good idea when it comes to searching for eclectic dirty martini glass sets.

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