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Classic Martini Glass

The classic Martini glass is a drinking glass with a cone-shaped bowl with a stem and a flat base. The tip of the cone usually forms a 90 degree angle in the cross section, which makes it possible to drink from it with ease without spilling the drink from the sides and without dipping one's nose into the drink. As Martini is never served with ice, cubed or shaved, the drink needs to be served in pre-chilled or frosted glasses. The Martini itself may have been chilled by the use of ice cubes in the Martini Shaker. However, these ice cubes are immediately strained from the drink to avoid diluting it with the water dissolved from the ice cubes. The stem of the Martini Glass serves the purpose of allowing the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink. It also serves the purpose of not freezing the fingers of the drinker because of the temperature of the drink.

A number of variations are now available to this classic Martini glass. One of the first variations was probably the double Martini glass which was taller than the classic glass and also wider at the rim. Soon, this trend grew to incorporate Large Martini Glasses and Giant Martini Glasses. Large Martini glasses can range in height from 13 inches to over 20 inches and can hold more anything from 60 ounces to 120 ounces of Martini in them. On the other hand, Giant Martini Glasses can be over 30 inches tall! These are merely decorative in nature, however, but popular as a community glass on occasions like weddings, parties, etc.

Just as large martini glasses got popular, so did the mini versions. These are sometimes so small, they cannot hold more than a couple of ounces of the Martini, but are just right to give you a couple of invigorating sips of the refreshing cocktail. These are perfect for house parties where conversation is the centerpiece of the evening.

On the other hand, there are a number of innovative and stylish designs available for Martini glasses. You can now get Martini glasses that come without the stem, and have to be held at the base. There are those with fancily shaped or curved stems that appear very stylish along with the garnishing. You can also get glasses that are made from colored glass, and those that are hand painted. In fact, you can also get a custom design hand painted for your very own unique Martini Glass Set.

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