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Ball Martini Glasses

Party time again? Bored of using the same martini glasses with stems? For people who are looking for something new and unique, ball martini glasses are sure to catch your attention. These pretty objects are the best for folks who are on the lookout for something interesting, and new. These glasses add a funky cool look to your martini. They stand up sturdy, though they're fragile. You'll find them in wide range of colors, which adds spice to every cocktail party they are used in. These glasses are multi functional as they can be used not only to serve to martinis but also desserts, or even serve as vases due to their unique structure, and steady base.

Ball martini glasses with their unique structure and presence of a ball base creates a very different look. These glasses due to their wide range of colors are easily separable from each other. Different ball colors make them even more popular among the party folk with a taste for different glassware. Ball martini glasses are also easily washable. Hand wash is usually recommended for these glasses. These glasses also keep the drink safe as the holder has a wider grip when holding the ball provided below for support, and grip.

That's not all! You'll find these stylish glasses in many new bars and pubs. Alongside lighting, these add to the essence of a party and attract more people to the unique setup created. They are reasonable in terms of their pricing. Certainly, their usage is on the rise. Ball martini glasses owe their popularity to their appealing appearance. These glasses with the presence of a bubble like bottom offer an inviting look to the consumer. Style, elegance, class are all attributes of these glasses. They are perfect for a casual sip, and some of the ball bases come in a hue of colors, adding to their playfulness.

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