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Antique Martini Glass

A trip down history leaves us marveling at the fact as to how easily and popularly martini has found its way to become the most well-known drink. The origin of martini is still a mystery though several claims have been made. Not only has there been a drastic change in the recipe of these drinks but glasses which hold them have undergone rapid change too. An antique martini glass is part of a larger group of drink glassware known as cocktail glassware. The introduction of such a glass can be rooted to the time when cocktails were very prominent.

The antique martini glass had a more or less a similar shape like the present ones. The basic idea was to keep the drink cold. This explains the presence of a stem in every martini glass a person can find. This kind of glassware can also be classified into stemware. The function of the stem was to keep the drink cold by keeping the holders warm hands away. An antique martini glass, right from its origin is found to have a wide open brim of the cocktail glass giving a nicer display of the olive garnish, apart from keeping the ingredients from separating. The shape is not only functional, but also very appealing.

Finding an antique martini glass range is not a rare phenomenon even in present times. They best suit parties where a retro theme is the key, and yes, they do have a very classy look. They might not have a wide range of varieties to choose from but the elegance of these glasses is never matched. The old folks still love to sip their martini in these beauties. A visit to a bar which is based on a retro look will confirm that these glasses are by no means out of fashion. For others, they serve as collectibles for which people are willing to pay a lot of money.

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